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The pattern was set in Genesis 2:7. God breathed into the nostrils of Adam, causing him to become a life-giving being. Every child that came into the world after that had the same breath of God in them, causing them to become life-giving beings. In other words, Adam’s experience was reproduced many times over in others.


The Bible itself is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16). This means that God inspired it, but it was men who got ink on their fingers. Even though it was a work of God, man always has had his part to play in the process. This was true in its formation, and it is just as true today in the sense that this life-giving Book needs to be passed along, producing life in others.


After His death, burial, and resurrection, the Living Christ stood in a room with His disciples and breathed on them (John 20:22,23). I believe that this was the very moment when they became born again. It is clear that Jesus expected this experience to be passed along, causing them to become life-giving beings.


On the Day of Pentecost, the sound of a mighty rushing wind filled the room (Acts 2:4). God breathed His Holy Spirit into the spirits of 120 believers who had gathered together, clearly expecting them to pass their experience along to others. In fact, that very day, through the preaching of the word and by the power of the Holy Spirit, they passed along their experience to 3000 people. They were saved, baptized with water, and baptized with the Holy Spirit, which has been reproduced many times over all over the world.


Since then, many people have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, praise God! However, it is not enough that we have had this experience ourselves; we must become life-giving beings, passing along our experience to others. This is where things quickly break down. As I work with people today, I often find that while they revel in their own experience, even pointing to it with pride, they rarely lay hands on others, imparting their experience to someone else. When the power of their initial experience fades, it causes them to seek a rebaptism. I don’t believe we need to reproduce our initial experience again. Nowhere do we see the disciples going back to the Upper Room for a repeat experience or find them looking to be “topped up” again and again. We never need to seek a rebaptism once we have learned how to pass our experience along to others. We will never wonder where the power went once we begin letting the Holy Spirit out, day-by-day. That is what this seminar is all about. Just as surely as we need God to breath His Holy Spirit into us, we need to learn to breathe Him out to others. If we don’t, the process of truly being a life-giving Christian is incomplete. It is my hope that this seminar will inspire us to begin letting Him out. It is as simple as breathing!




At our seminar on March 3-5, at WellSpring in Penn Yan, we will teach the following things:


• We will teach you how to introduce the Holy Spirit to all kinds of people.

• We will teach you how to impart to others what we have been given through the laying on of hands.

• We will teach you what it means to be filled with the Spirit, after we have been baptized.

• We will teach you how to help people launch out into tongues and prophesy.

• We will teach you how to recognize and remove the blocks common to us all.

• We will teach you how to get people involved in the power of God before they receive the gifts.

• We will teach you how to study about the gifts, in a way that is Biblical.

• We will teach you how to create a place for prophesy in your church.

• We will teach you what it means to be a life-giving church.




We have made this material available in an easy to read PDF format for students and for small group Bible studies. Contact me for a special rate for group use. You can download on your computer or tablet. These files may be too large for your phone.



We will begin our meeting at 7:00 pm on Friday.


On Saturday, we will begin at 10:00 am and end at 12:00 noon. (The church building will be open at 9:00 am for those who want to come and wait upon the Lord).


You are free to go for lunch, enjoy the area, have some fellowship, or even take a nap.


We will meet again at 3:00 pm for our third session, made up of practical application, praying for people, and questions and answers.


We will break for a light dinner at church at 5:00 pm. This will be provided by our church.


We will meet after dinner from 6:30 until about 9:00 pm.


On Sunday, we will host a prayer time at the church from 2:00-4:00 pm, where we can practice prophesying and praying for people.


We will meet again at 5:00 pm, for our regular Sunday service, where we will continue with this emphasis. You will be able to be back on the road by 7:00 pm.




It would be good if you could miss some meals ahead of this time, as it could help you become more sensitive. You can even fast your phone and schedule, for the same reason.


I would suggest you read 1 Corinthians 12,13,14 as much as you can before you come.


Begin reading the Book of Acts as soon as possible.


My notes on this subject will be available on my website and on Amazon for purchase, if you want to read them before you come. There is something powerful about the combination of reading and hearing a message.


GPS ADDRESS: We meet in the First Baptist Church at 224 Main Street, Penn Yan, New York 14527


REGISTRATION: You will need to register, so we can provide the best hospitality.

To Register for this seminar, click to here


COST: There is no cost, but an offering to cover expenses will be taken both evenings.


CHILD CARE: A nursery for children ages 4 years old and under will be provided for each session. A special VBS for children ages 5-10 will be provided during the Saturday morning session. You should take time to lead your children into a fuller understanding of the Holy Spirit so they can benefit from this teaching. We plan to film and record each of these sessions so please ensure that your children are quiet during the meetings.


ACCOMMODATIONS: There are a number of hotels and motels in the area, including a couple of new hotels. You will be responsible to arrange your own accommodations. If you Google hotels in Penn Yan, NY, you find a complete list of them, with prices and directions.   2015 - All Rights Reserved